Colours, Colours

When I started designing Planetary Outpost, my intention was to create something to commemorate Classic Space’s 40th anniversary. With that in mind I wondered how LEGO would design a futuristic outpost using modern parts and building techniques while still anchoring this project within the Classic Space universe. So although I created something modern, I peppered […]

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Mutant Life in Brick

The duo over at Life in Brick have taken a look at Planetary Outpost. Some of the choice quotes from that article are: “if like me you’re a fan of 1980s LEGO, then you can’t help but admire the beauty in this homage.” “There’s definitely a lot to enjoy with this set” “Opening up the […]

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After months of additional work, my modifications to Planetary Outpost are drawing to a close. I started back on Christmas Eve, two months and ten days after I’d submitted my proposal to LEGO Ideas. Over the course of the last five months, I fixed a pivoting wall and the way airlocks connect to the main […]

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The Engineering and Workshop

The final internal configuration of Planetary Outpost houses the Engineering and Workshop. The main room is the Workshop, a place where the crew can tweak and repair their equipment, and use the Protonic Resonance Of Biomechanical Evaluation [P.R.O.B.E.] table to get a detailed look inside any item or equipment to see what could be wrong […]

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The Crew Quarters

The original crew quarters design was my least favourite Planetary Outpost configuration. I wasn’t happy with the beds – they looked like four poster bunk beds rather than anything remotely futuristic, most of their pieces weren’t used in other room configurations which was inefficient, and the bathroom was frankly an embarrassment.

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