One Step Closer

That’s right: I received a parcel this morning from The LEGO Group! Most of my orders from BrickLink have arrived (still waiting on three of them), but now the bulk of my pieces are here! (this is very exciting). Except…

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A Big Step

We this has been a pretty big step for this little mutant captain: I’ve closed my eyes and placed a combined order for over 2,000 bricks over at the LEGO store and Bricklink.

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Designing with Lego offers you amazing creativity and versatility, but there’s actually one major drawback: unless you’ve got tons of pieces, there will come a point when what you want to create is hampered by the parts you don’t own. This is where the virtual world comes in most handy. In it, the parts constraint […]

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The Right Hairstyle

My first Lego order for the creation of my Ideas Project has arrived. My initial focus is on the people populating my creation while I struggle with building it digitally using the Lego Digital Designer app. Lego have designed many different facial expressions for their minifigured denizens, but for reasons which will become clear later, […]

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