The Right Hairstyle


My first Lego order for the creation of my Ideas Project has arrived. My initial focus is on the people populating my creation while I struggle with building it digitally using the Lego Digital Designer app. Lego have designed many different facial expressions for their minifigured denizens, but for reasons which will become clear later, I have decided to stick with the standard male and female smiley faces.

smiley femalesmiley male

These basic faces are an evolved version of the very first Lego facial expressions which are still in use today in the Creator Modular Building series, but even though the original face is more gender-neutral due to its extreme simplicity (which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned), I must say I prefer the more updated versions.

smiley original

Having standard faces means I need to find hair that is unique for each character to easily differentiate between them. So it’s really less “the right stuff”, but more the right hairstyle… 😉


Turns out Lego have produced dozens of wigs over the years and my first order consists of most of those that are currently available. I found it hard to visualize how they look based on Lego’s website alone, so this was the only way I could actually decide which ones would work best together.

Sadly, some of the truly great and most detailed wigs cannot be ordered separately. That’s because they are actually part of a licensed set with the look being unique to that character. This is the case for instance for the Doc Brown and Doctor Venkman versions from Lego Dimensions.


So no matter how good you think they look, you can’t use them in a project. Or at least not a project you think might have the faintest of chances of being turned into an actual set.

Others are a bit more peculiar: there are wigs you’d swear have to be tied to a character, like the latest Han Solo wig, and in fact it does show up as “out of stock” when you try to order it online, but if you ring Lego Customer Service, that wig is absolutely available to order from there. This was the case for four wigs I had my eye on.

Han Solo

Since they could be ordered (albeit in a roundabout but still totally legit kind of way), they are now part of my hairstyle collection.

Getting all the wigs together made me realize that some I liked in a screenshot weren’t at all right in real life. Others I got on a whim, turned out to be absolutely perfect.

I’m also drawn to wigs that I can only find in Lego’s minifigure series, such as the following two, but I couldn’t find a way to order them separately.

And I also don’t know if adding elves to the mix would be accepted or not, as my project isn’t fantasy related.


So after much deliberation, I have currently settled on the following fifteen wigs which I will use in my project.


You may well think that that’s a heck of a lot of minifigs. Just how big is my project anyway? Well, not as big as you’d think, but that’s definitely a subject for another time, and another post.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to my Lego Digital Designer construct…

Until the next time, Captain out.


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