The best laid plans of bricks and mutants



My lofty ambition and exuberant excitement must give way to the stark economic realities: after my last post, I went and priced up my project as it currently is, and I had to face reality. I cannot justify the expense.

Based on the number of pieces, I had expected a certain price, but as the pieces were added up the cost quickly shot up to nearly 100% above my initial projection.

I checked with Lego and Bricklink, and the prices are comparable.

I have a family of little podlings to look after, and such an outlay, for what is essentially just a fun hobby, is not justifiable at this time. This is understandably upsetting, not just for myself, as my family were all excited at the prospect of building something quite unique.

It doesn’t mean I’m giving up however.

As I said in my previous post, this would’ve been about 80% of the build. So my intention is to start saving up, and to carry on in LDD with the remaining 20%,

My hope is, when I finally finish the set properly, that I will have been able to save up enough so that ordering the parts will be a non-issue.

Until then, my project is stuck in the virtual world. 😦

It’s not all a bad thing though, as it allows me the flexibility of still making major changes if I need to. Every cloud, eh?

I just hope that the designs I have made in my head and reproduced digitally will work in real life. I guess I’m just going to have to wait a little bit longer to make sure.

Until the next time, Captain out.


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