Crime Against Brickanity


I wait for my BrickLink orders to arrive…

One was apparently sent to South Korea (!!!) but I got it nonetheless – maybe I live in South Korea and never realised it… hmmm….) and two others are pending… plus LEGO are sending me the parts they forgot to include in my big order to them.

In the meantime, I ran a poll on Twitter:


As of this writing the divide is pretty clear, even though only 41 people voted (I’m actually quite impressed by that number: didn’t expect so many to actually read my tweets, let alone respond, so, yay! 🙂 )

2/3rds of you wouldn’t spray paint LEGO parts…

But what would you do if you had to have parts in a specific colour, one which LEGO has never used for that part? This means that not even BrickLink can help locate this elusive piece, as it does not exist…

Do you rehtink your project?

To be fair, painting LEGO parts is definitely not against the rules of the LEGO Ideas Project. Here is what they say about it (emphasis added):

“Projects may only contain genuine (not cut, glued, or modified) LEGO bricks. Proposals for new LEGO parts (of any material), competing brand building bricks, or “aftermarket” elements manufactured and sold by any third party are not allowed. Existing parts in different colors, new stickers, and printed parts are welcome.”

So, I decided to buck the established purist mantra, and looked for some spray paint that would work with plastic. Problem is, I couldn’t find any. All the ones I could source said they work great on wood, metal and brick, but plastic? Nary a mention.

Forced by a total lack of option, I bought some called “151” and experimented. Luckily, it was a nice day so I could spray with gay abandon in the garden (like Mrs Mutant would let me do this inside!)

I grabbed some skewers and cardboard, brought some pieces to try out, and off I went!


I must say the experiment was a complete success and the pieces look great!

Here’s the final result:


So tell me, all you purists out there, still think spray painting LEGO pieces is a “crime against brickanity”?

Because looking at what I achieved, I think I may have begun a new hobby! 😛

Until next time, Captain out.


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