Mutant Life in Brick

The duo over at Life in Brick have taken a look at Planetary Outpost.

Life in BrickSome of the choice quotes from that article are:

“if like me you’re a fan of 1980s LEGO, then you can’t help but admire the beauty in this homage.”

“There’s definitely a lot to enjoy with this set”

“Opening up the outpost and you can see an impressive mix of modern and retro, with nods to the days of LEGO Space alongside printed panels seen in many of the sets currently on the market today.

The interior is impressively versatile, with five unique configurations designed so that there’s plenty of additional play value with this set, including a Command Centre, Galley, Crew Quarters, Sick Bay, and Engineering. Imagine what you could do with five of these sets.”

It also includes the mention of “a very cool-looking robot” 🙂

So head on over to Life in Brick to read all about it.

In the review, Mike made a comparison between the base’s piece count and that of his Millennium Falcon’s. As a thank you, I thought I’d share with you all the time when Han and the team came over to our neck of the galaxy for some trade and R&R.

49-01 Nerf Herders

Life in Brick also mentions Planetary Outpost in one of their videos! Well worth a watch if I do say so myself 😉

Until the next time,

Captain out.

PS: Please don’t forget to vote on my Lego Ideas page. Only projects which manage to reach the gargantuan task to accumulating 10,000 votes will be considered by LEGO as a potential new set (as of this writing, Planetary Outpost needs 9,684 more votes). If you love Classic Space and think Planetary Outpost would be a worthy addition to that theme, you must vote and convince your friends and family to do the same! 🙂


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