The Fall of Planetary Outpost

It’s been a fun ride and a great learning experience. After a little over a year, my project amassed 367 supporters. For a first LEGO Ideas project, heck, for my very first MOC, I think it’s definitely not too shabby.

I would like to thank all of you who liked my project enough to fill in LEGO Idea’s support form, by sharing with you the last photos we were able to get before we lost all contact with Planetary Outpost.

61-2- The Fall - Roof Collapse

61-3- The Fall - Invasion

61-4- The Fall - All Sorts Destruction

61-5- The Fall - Overwhelming Odds

61-6- The Fall - Surrounded

61-7- The Fall - Crystal Calling

Although the chances of there being any survivors is beyond remote, Classic Space Command feels we need to launch another expedition to figure out what really happened to the crew.

It just so happens that I’ve been working on a subtle yet substantial redesign of the base – keeping the overall shape the same, but increasing the greebling substantially, while sticking to the 1978 piece count.

I’ll be unveiling this revamp in the coming weeks, when we’ll be sending Classic Space minifigs back into LEGO Ideas space!

Until then, thank you so much, keep an eye out, and see you soon! 😀

Captain Out.


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