The Galley

It was this particular Planetary Outpost internal configuration which prompted the major redesign I’m in the process of revealing. I wasn’t happy with the table, and especially with FOOD, the Formulated Optimised Organic Dispenser. Advertisements

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Spraying Redux

They’ve arrived! The pieces I need for my internal redesign are finally here! But today is not the time I’ll be unveiling my changes to Planetary Outpost. Sadly, I need to do the unthinkable once again, and reach for a canister of spray paint because a particular piece has never been produced by LEGO in […]

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An Airlock With a View

Waiting for the pieces to be shipped for my internal redesign has given me an opportunity to implement a change I wanted to do for some time to Planetary Outpost. It’s just I couldn’t find the right pieces. I was on the lookout for small window frames, the smaller the better, complete with window panes. […]

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Blocking It

“We interrupt this programme to bring you a special report” It was really exciting to see that Planetary Outpost is featured in issue 42 of Blocks Magazine, alongside four other Classic Space LEGO Ideas proposals:

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A Lighter Touch

As Classic Space’s Engineering Corps awaits delivery of the equipment they need to rebuild the various interiors of Planetary Outpost, I thought I’d take a look at the roof.

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