Uniform Inspirations

My Lego Ideas Project is off to a leisurely start: it’s been on Lego Ideas for just over a week and has amassed 79 supporters. I’ve received many positive comments both on Lego Ideas and on Twitter – thanks so much for all of them – although I hope you’ll understand why this is my […]

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It’s a Wrap!

It’s taken a heck of a lot longer than anticipated, but the photoshoot is finally done! As I mentioned last time, it took a while as I could only work at night (to minimise reflections from all the windows), and I had to rebuild my set five times to illustrate all the various combinations on […]

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Take the Shot

Getting the right composition is never easy, plus not having access to a professional studio, I need to find a way to remove the background of many of my shots so I can replace it with something more fitting than a room, with posters and painting, pipes, chairs, clothes on the sofa, plates of food […]

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