Spraying Redux

They’ve arrived! The pieces I need for my internal redesign are finally here! But today is not the time I’ll be unveiling my changes to Planetary Outpost. Sadly, I need to do the unthinkable once again, and reach for a canister of spray paint because a particular piece has never been produced by LEGO in […]

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An Airlock With a View

Waiting for the pieces to be shipped for my internal redesign has given me an opportunity to implement a change I wanted to do for some time to Planetary Outpost. It’s just I couldn’t find the right pieces. I was on the lookout for small window frames, the smaller the better, complete with window panes. […]

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Blocking It

“We interrupt this programme to bring you a special report” It was really exciting to see that Planetary Outpost is featured in issue 42 of Blocks Magazine, alongside four other Classic Space LEGO Ideas proposals:

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A Lighter Touch

As Classic Space’s Engineering Corps awaits delivery of the equipment they need to rebuild the various interiors of Planetary Outpost, I thought I’d take a look at the roof.

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The Promised Minor Update

The underside of Planetary Outpost is curved, and is made up of a myriad (well, 80 actually) Plate W/Half Bow Inverted 1x2x2/3 pieces (part 24201). Although it gives my project the desired look, a long row of one-stud wide pieces doesn’t contribute to the design’s overall strength.

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Power Up

As we explored previously, the buggies have their own small solar panel, but nothing can beat the fast recharge rate of plugging the vehicle directly to Planetary Outpost… except as originally designed, there’s no way to do that – and that’s a pretty big shortcoming, not to mention a missing play feature. Having added a […]

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