Sliding Doors

Check out any sci-fi movie or TV show and chances are, the doors of any base of operations, orbital space station, or starship slide open. There was no way I wasn’t going to have that in my project, and that decision actually dictated the overall dimensions of my design. Advertisements

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All Sorts of Inspiration

Robots. Robots are a big part of science-fiction, and let’s face it, they’re the only ones exploring space right now, so it’s undeniable that they’ll be essential to our future. So when I decided I wanted to expand beyond the Outpost to add more playability to my model, creating a robot was at the top […]

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An Homage to Classic Space

The space sets of the 70s are regarded as classics by many. Fun to play with and easy to build, they excited the imagination of countless children, including myself. It is a bit daunting to think one can improve on a classic, but I’ve always had thoughts on how to make these sets better (in […]

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Women in Sci-Fi, Science & LEGO

  The release of LEGO Idea’s 21312 Women of NASA is again sparking debate about gender inequality. This happened with the release of 21110 Research Institute, and I would argue that these sets and the news surrounding them merely highlight the problem, because if there wasn’t an issue, there would be no need for them. […]

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Uniform Inspirations

My Lego Ideas Project is off to a leisurely start: it’s been on Lego Ideas for just over a week and has amassed 79 supporters. I’ve received many positive comments both on Lego Ideas and on Twitter – thanks so much for all of them – although I hope you’ll understand why this is my […]

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