It’s a Wrap!

It’s taken a heck of a lot longer than anticipated, but the photoshoot is finally done! As I mentioned last time, it took a while as I could only work at night (to minimise reflections from all the windows), and I had to rebuild my set five times to illustrate all the various combinations on […]

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Take the Shot

Getting the right composition is never easy, plus not having access to a professional studio, I need to find a way to remove the background of many of my shots so I can replace it with something more fitting than a room, with posters and painting, pipes, chairs, clothes on the sofa, plates of food […]

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Brick Builders Assemble

The building process has begun. It’s quite exciting to create in the real world what has only existed virtually for over a year. Obviously a large project of around 2,000 bricks (I’ve lost count) would be a nightmare to recreate were it not for LDD’s Building Guide Mode.

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Crime Against Brickanity

I wait for my BrickLink orders to arrive… One was apparently sent to South Korea (!!!) but I got it nonetheless – maybe I live in South Korea and never realised it… hmmm….) and two others are pending… plus LEGO are sending me the parts they forgot to include in my big order to them.

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