Planetary Outpost

A Detailed Photographic Exploration of
LEGO Ideas project, Planetary Outpost

48-01 Planetary Outpost

Made up of 1978 pieces (to commemorate the year the first Classic Space themed set was released by LEGO), this modular star base is filled with new pieces and modern construction techniques to create a varied building experience while providing numerous play features.

Although not necessary for the enjoyment of this proposed set, it is designed to have multiple versions connect to each other via the airlocks, and the inner rooms can be rebuilt in one of five ways, to help you create a varied, unique centre of exploration, no matter how many copies you have.

If you like sci-fi toys, there’s a lot to love here.

Explore the following pages at your leisure and don’t forget to add your support over on LEGO Ideas: LEGO won’t consider turning this into an actual set unless 10,000 people click on that blue support button.



“All Sorts”

Excavation Area

Internal Configurations (five-in-one design)

outpost rooms

  1. Command Centre
  2. Galley
  3. Crew Quarters
  4. Sick Bay
  5. Engineering








Add your support for Planetary Outpost over on LEGO Ideas!

54-03 Colours


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